Patterns Weave

from by Vinny Vegas



I saw the products of a privileged life
had a house with a yard, two kids and a wife
I saw the products of a fragile mind
left with all this aggression and too much time
and I can only be the one to say
that I would only be the one to say
that I should only be the one to say
where it stops and where it ends

Still the product of the passing days
with a tongue I hold too tight in fear of what it says
still a child in the way I think
and I'll be until I'm not
Keep on counting on the passing days
and keep ignoring each important phrase
they're only moments and it's only time
and it's surely yours to waste

Pull my carcass from the big white whale
leave me limber, and dripping and cold as hell
poach my pockets of post it notes if it's where i'm meant to stay
I would never be the same

Till I start to think that I should stop

Pounding my heals through the soles of my shoes
let the rocks on the ground push the dirt through the grooves
back would be straight and your jaw would be loose
as the air in your lungs tells the sound where to move
how do you stop when they tell you to go?
how do you go when they're telling you no, it's all a waste of time.
until it's not

it's all in watching the patterns weave
it's all in watching the patterns weave
it's all in watching the patterns weave
it's all in watching the patterns weave


from The Big White Whale, track released November 5, 2013
Additional Instrumentation:
Brid Sounds - Franklin Yaker



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Vinny Vegas Baltimore, Maryland

Vinny Vegas is a 5 piece rock band from Baltimore, MD, USA. Living proof that a musical act can thrive without abandoning the DIY aesthetic, the band has self-released three critically acclaimed E.P’s and self-booked/funded many tours over their five-year existence. With each release, Vinny Vegas has shown the kind of growth that can only occur when artists maintain control over their own career. ... more


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