The Big White Whale

by Vinny Vegas

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released November 5, 2013

Scott Siskind - Vocals and Guitar
Earl Carter - Guitar and Vocals
Aaron Emmanuel Lee - Keys and Vocals
Travis Lockhart - Bass
Jason Cohen - Drums

Recorded in Baltimore, MD by J. Robbins, Justin Fogelman, and Earl Carter

Mixed by J. Robbins

Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


Vinny Vegas Baltimore, Maryland

Vinny Vegas is a 5 piece rock band from Baltimore, MD, USA. Living proof that a musical act can thrive without abandoning the DIY aesthetic, the band has self-released three critically acclaimed E.P’s and self-booked/funded many tours over their five-year existence. With each release, Vinny Vegas has shown the kind of growth that can only occur when artists maintain control over their own career. ... more


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Track Name: Highs & Lows
For those with reasons to say
you're only as good as the merits you claim
for years it came in waves
leaving for months and returning for days
My bones are brittle and stale
just framing that holds what's weakened by wear
but still we beg to know what it's like to live
by highs and lows

Old habits are getting worse than they have ever been
I think that maybe if I can leave I won't have time for them
but there has gotta be a place where I can go
to stop these shaky knees and sweaty palms
from being part of me
to stop an anxious brain that never sleeps
and make it calm again
there has gotta be a place where I can go to
feel at peace again

and know that the pieces won't be perfect
but together they can still make perfect wholes
I paced it and still I grew tired of waiting
for the high points to grow old
Given the time to grow a vision
I'd give you a vision worth the pace
so show me the burdens I've been weighing
and I'll show you a passion worth their weights

till then… fall in line… just like this
put your tongue between your teeth
shut your mouth and just agree
fold your hands on to your knees
mind your backbone and just agree
or you can take the things you learn
and show them to the world
cause that's all you owe
Track Name: Patterns Weave
I saw the products of a privileged life
had a house with a yard, two kids and a wife
I saw the products of a fragile mind
left with all this aggression and too much time
and I can only be the one to say
that I would only be the one to say
that I should only be the one to say
where it stops and where it ends

Still the product of the passing days
with a tongue I hold too tight in fear of what it says
still a child in the way I think
and I'll be until I'm not
Keep on counting on the passing days
and keep ignoring each important phrase
they're only moments and it's only time
and it's surely yours to waste

Pull my carcass from the big white whale
leave me limber, and dripping and cold as hell
poach my pockets of post it notes if it's where i'm meant to stay
I would never be the same

Till I start to think that I should stop

Pounding my heals through the soles of my shoes
let the rocks on the ground push the dirt through the grooves
back would be straight and your jaw would be loose
as the air in your lungs tells the sound where to move
how do you stop when they tell you to go?
how do you go when they're telling you no, it's all a waste of time.
until it's not

it's all in watching the patterns weave
it's all in watching the patterns weave
it's all in watching the patterns weave
it's all in watching the patterns weave
Track Name: From the Top of the Stairs
Counting the hours I've spent of my life in the seat
the crease in the cushion, forming to me
making my way to the island through Kings and Queens
Both counties and boroughs are passing with jingling keys
Finding myself 4 hours away
and though it's familiar, it's not quite the same
the steady line files, I settle in place
to play my role when...

I wake up in a bed I don't fit anymore
and I look outside, to the lights coming in through the door
slowly my legs start to walk, to the hall when they suddenly stop

From the top of the stairs, I saw things that shape me still to this day
like the lights that line the edge of the fireplace
where white drapes meet blue velvet couches

Now my time here is long gone
and it can't be like it was
now my body's here,
but I'm not

on the day they turn to you
you'll just hope you can be there
you will, you will, cause someone would for you
Track Name: Rubber Sternum
There's these precautions we take
when we walk on the waves
waiting till it's safe in the ocean
can this magic exist without orchestration?
Can we be without flaws?
never to find our
greener hearts, paper ribs, rubber sternums

I've made mistakes I'm sure
but now it seems so clear
there are no real mistakes
just guides that brought you here
Track Name: Claws
No one seems to see
the effect this has had on me
and I had expressive ideas
and I spoke with a fervor to make you believe in me
60 months with no direction
met with critics and claims
Details given such poor attention
confusing faces with names
Always wait and you'll find
you're always waiting on everyone else
never move and you'll find
there's no one left to move but yourself

All of your dreams can come true
when they do
you will find, they're not meant only for you
My time is wasted unless I spend it well!
I either face this or I just lie to myself
and watch so called mistakes
repeating all again
the one's I used to say made me
really know, what I really know
and I'll always know, I should have always known
MY G-D this clawing at me
focus, you're here then you leave
take this as far as you can
patience is all we used to say

Nobody ever tells you not to try
but you're the only one who has to live your life
and so you can expand or
just contradict yourself.
Track Name: Sleeping Cliffs
Always moving
never towards
the places you want to go
and always thought you'd be

finding silence
arms out stretched
using the clothing cuff
to hide your fingertips

Laying still in a room
with a ceiling that covers my view
take some time here to think
of the world you wish you could create
it's a place you have been
and in time you can get there again
put the flat of your back
on the floorboards where you can relax

Give it time, think it through
There were far better options for you
not the same as it's been
in a while, you'll be there again
Give it days, Give it weeks
give it all that you think that it needs
Keep your arms at your sides
and keep moving in imperfect strides

Be Open
Be Open
Be Open
Be Open
Track Name: All the Ways to Crumble
Of all the ways to crumble up
you would choose the ones that you loved too much
romanticize the life you show
tell them only things you want them to know
I'll speak my piece, then let it be
negativity only cheapens me
I'll breathe it out, then breathe in again
just like you always told me

to say these things out loud
and don't be surprised when you hear them said
by someone else

And later on, I'll remember this
as the turning point
that I almost missed
when I thought too hard
or I stayed too long
cause I thought it all had meaning

To a life we almost had
had our eyes not been closed
just think of all we could have seen
But I was scared to know, I'm still scared to know

So there I was in a room
just the way it's always been
when it's scarce, I'm aware
I'm always conscious of these things
Now at night, when I sleep
I won't be afraid
I know what's there, and what waits for me

Don't look over there, it isn't real
the things you see are only figments of a place you'll never be
you close your eyes, it goes away
and there you are to never ever have to think of it again
if who I was and who I am are not the same, then why
then why, then why
why be afraid? why be afraid? I'm not afraid, don't be afraid
just open your eyes, just stop and open your eyes

This was real, I was here
and at times I thought it was how I was going to stay
but in truth, it was me all along, I was the one who would keep it that way
Track Name: Afro Feet
Stop. Start again
Have I made my intentions clear?
Have I followed through?
or waited too long?
You can craft every phrase
every sentence in perfect ways
but all that it shows is patience for prose
I used to wait for the lines just to fall in place
but now that I don't, well I can say

What I was trying to say
when these constant concerns for reactions just got in the way

you speak so slow
but speak so well
can you now convince yourself
you are all you"ll have to sell
I was trying to say
all that needed to be said
but I never ran before I crawled

How does it feel to get all that out?
I should know by now
I've been here before these stories were real
but now, what am I left with to show
if all that I am is always exposed.
Track Name: Taste of Your Own Tongue
The less I own, the better off I can be
free to go where I please
but where do I need to be that isn't right here
my feet are planted in the earth
and I'm a patron to the sun
my skin is carpet for the leaves
and with my chapped and chalky cheeks
I'm a mass of imposition, with these limits I can't squeeze

It took me seven years of writing everything down
to fully understand the words
Now I'll clear my walls
I'll throw out my books
and I'll start it over again

Finally it feels like a bigger part of me can be calm between the breeze
I found the beauty in believing that days I number make me wise
I found a comfort in the struggle
and learned the words were never mine