No one seems to see
the effect this has had on me
and I had expressive ideas
and I spoke with a fervor to make you believe in me
60 months with no direction
met with critics and claims
Details given such poor attention
confusing faces with names
Always wait and you'll find
you're always waiting on everyone else
never move and you'll find
there's no one left to move but yourself

All of your dreams can come true
when they do
you will find, they're not meant only for you
My time is wasted unless I spend it well!
I either face this or I just lie to myself
and watch so called mistakes
repeating all again
the one's I used to say made me
really know, what I really know
and I'll always know, I should have always known
MY G-D this clawing at me
focus, you're here then you leave
take this as far as you can
patience is all we used to say

Nobody ever tells you not to try
but you're the only one who has to live your life
and so you can expand or
just contradict yourself.


from The Big White Whale, track released November 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Vinny Vegas Baltimore, Maryland

Vinny Vegas is a 5 piece rock band from Baltimore, MD, USA. Living proof that a musical act can thrive without abandoning the DIY aesthetic, the band has self-released three critically acclaimed E.P’s and self-booked/funded many tours over their five-year existence. With each release, Vinny Vegas has shown the kind of growth that can only occur when artists maintain control over their own career. ... more


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