by Vinny Vegas

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released January 11, 2009



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Vinny Vegas Baltimore, Maryland

Vinny Vegas is a 5 piece rock band from Baltimore, MD, USA. Living proof that a musical act can thrive without abandoning the DIY aesthetic, the band has self-released three critically acclaimed E.P’s and self-booked/funded many tours over their five-year existence. With each release, Vinny Vegas has shown the kind of growth that can only occur when artists maintain control over their own career. ... more


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Track Name: Mallets (Acoustic)
In tones, addressing conversations
and sentences that cycle through my ears.
I've become an eclectic compilation
of all that I have heard throughout my years.
But, I've never found a way to speak
before spoken too, and now each word
that I choose, leaves my mouth too soon.

Through my languid liquid lungs
I breathe with reason
Just as my lips, they speak in tongues,
meant just for those who read them.
With each twinge that finds my face
as my smile soon recedes with my hairline.
Grow my stress lines, so age can show on me.

And so we grow
far too old
not to show
that now we know

That all we need, are some finer things
to amuse ourselves, as we stray from thinking of
all those little things that keep guiding us
on our paths to early graves
And so, when I die alone, I'll go quietly
not to burden anyone

Have I said to much or rambled too long?
Cut me off, so I can be done.